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The Peninsula Cup

Finally A Tennis Event Worth Making A Racket About!  To promote Junior Tennis in India, the Academy launched the Peninsula Cup - the biggest ever Junior Tennis Tournament in the history of Indian tennis !!  


Press Conference - Launch of the Peninsula Cup
Junior Tennis Championships of the NCR

The Week, 17 Sep 1995
"Tempered steel can be strong. Tempered tennis players can be stronger. Especially if they can take the heat of an exacting training regimen. And that is what B.P. "Bobby" Singh's school promises! Today, his Peninsula Tennis Academy (PTA) is all set to become one of the best equipped tennis cum educational schools in India."

Business Today, 22 July 1995
"Advantage Birender Pal "Bobby" Singh for turning an obsession into a business and coming up aces with his Peninsula Tennis Academy. "The academy has facilities comparable to international standards," admits Krishnan."

Sunday, 7 November 1993
"An academy near Delhi will provide both home and training centre to youngsters interested in making tennis a career. Besides intensive training in tennis which includes guidance from stalwarts like Ramanathan Krishnan, the academy provides the comforts of home and formal schooling".

Target, January 1992
"If you are young and all set for the net, with vigour for volleying and aspiration for aces, the Peninsula Tennis Academy in New Delhi may be right up your court! Planned on the lines of tennis academies abroad, the PTA will be the first of its kind single stop in India offering both professional tennis coaching and normal schooling for future tennis toppers! So after Ramanathan, Vijay, Ramesh and Leander.... it could well be YOU!"

Hindustan Times, July 2004
Advantage kids in tennis court!! See more coverage of the hugely successful Peninsula Cup 2004 under News!

The Hindu, 9 May 1991
"PTA" will unearth talent. I am confident of the scheme chalked out by the PTA and that is why I have decided to take up this assignment" says the maestro who had often refused to take up coaching in the past. "My father was once my coach and I have passed on the lessons to Ramesh. I would
love to share it with the youngsters at PTA" Krishnan adds.

The Telegraph, 9 May 1991

"Tennis Academies are the Answer": Ramanthan. "I liked the very idea of the academy and its concept. It is similar to what has been happening in the United States". His son, Ramesh, who was also present at the briefing, said he had attended such a clinic in Florida and had benefited immensely.

The Hindu, 1 Dec 1991

"I was impressed by the scheme at PTA. I feel it will provide the answer to the needs of modern coaching in India. I will be very dedicated in my approach. I owe it to my  country", says Mukerjea.

The Hindustan Times, 26 May 1991 
"The Peninsula Tennis Academy is a concept that has persuaded an otherwise diffident Ramanathan Krishnan, still the Greatest Tennis player in Indian Tennis History, and Krishnan's dour and dogged Davis Cup teammate Jaidip Mukerjea, to forsake the comforts of retirement and take an active interest in coaching a new generation of tennis players. The man behind the concept is Bobby Singh, a former player of standing who is capable of involving former champions in a coaching scheme that begins at the grassroots. The Peninsula Tennis Academy has begun on a rousing note".

The Business & Political Observer, 3 June 1991

"B. P. Singh, or Bobby as he is called, believes the way to develop tennis in this country is by making it pay. Only then will tennis be thought of as a career, and good talent be attracted to it. With this in mind, he is planning for an eventual super circuit of Indian Tennis with a lot of prize money. The first tournament is called the Campa Amateur Tennis Cup."

City Scan, January 1993
"The promotion of sporting events as an enterprise has finally filtered through to the capital with Eternit Everest joining hands with Peninsula Tennis Academy to organise a nationwide tennis tournament for Juniors."

Evening News, 15 Oct 1993
"First genuine tennis academy....Founders eye on Wimbledon."

The Economic Times, 26 Feb 1995
"Before setting up the academy, the consummate professional that he is, Singh visited tennis academies in Europe and USA. His aim was to replicate the best there was in the world. The Peninsula Tennis Academy is equipped with state-of-the-art ball machines, tennis analyst computers, servo-meters and mental toughness kits, making it one of the most advanced in the country."

Peninsula Tennis Academy
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