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The next series of PTR Workshops in India to be conducted by world famous super coach Dr Louie Cap from USA will be held at New Delhi, Coimbatore, Gujarat and Mumbai from 6 - 20 January 2019. The schedule is give below:  

International Certification Workshops, Junior Coach and Speciality Workshops
Dates - 6 -  11 Jan 2019  

New Delhi - Peninsula Tennis Academy
 6 - 11 Jan 2019   PTR India Tennis Championships 2018     
Adult Certification Workshop   
                          Re-testing - For current members who wish to improve their grades
-                         PTR India Awards  
                          Recognition to members who have “Made a World of Difference”
ness Specialty Workshop   
                         Junior Development
                         Junior Coach Workshop

Coimbatore - K.G Ramesh Tennis Academy
Dates                  Events
12 - 15 Jan 2019  Junior Development Workshop     
                          Re-testing - For current members who wish to improve their grades
-                         PTR India Awards  
ble Drills Specialty Workshop   

Gujarat - Ganpat Uiversity
Dates                  Events
16 - 18 Jan 2019  International Adult Certification Workshop   
                          Re-testing - For current members who wish to improve their grades

Mumbai - Acharne Sports, Dadar Club  
19 - 20 Jan 2019   International Adult Certification Workshop   
                            Re-testing - For current members who wish to improve their grades

How to Apply
Now this unique opportunity to become an PTR member and be internationally certified is available in India at special promotional rates and is much cheaper than anywhere else in the world. Participation in Workshop I leads to PTR Certification and membership. By becoming an PTR member you can further participate in the Awards ceremony, PTR Championships and Specialty Workshops  which offer further educational opportunities.

Enrolment in International Certification Workshops  

To enroll in Workshop I please send your bio-data, attested photocopies of relevant Certificates, a passport size photograph and Registration Fees payable to
"Peninsula Tennis Academy" at the following mailing address: Peninsula Tennis Aademy, C-405 (GF), Defence Colony, New Delhi 110024 Ph: 011-24335705, 41550949

Professional Tennis Registry
In an unprecedented tie-up with the world renowned Professional Tennis Registry (PTR), the Peninsula Tennis Academy has brought this internationally acclaimed organisation to India.  The PTR is the premier Certification organisation in the world for a tennis coach and has more than 10,500 members worldwide in 123 countries. Founded in 1976 by Billie Jean King and Dennis van der Meer, PTR certifies tennis teachers through internationally  recognized teaching methods.

The PTR is internationally recognized - it is recognized by the ATP Tour, WTA Tour, USTA and International Tennis Federations around the world - as such through the PTR members have unrivalled global job opportunities and is of immense benefit to coaches.
Through PTR, members will also have access to the latest coaching equipments, Tennis Magazines, Educational Manuals/Videos and special discounts on sporting goods / clothing and accessories from our local /international sponsors. Members will be eligible for participation in the PTR INDIA Tennis Championships.

Through regularly held PTR Workshops organised all over India by the Academy, the Peninsula Tennis Academy has helped certify over 2000 members in India in the short time since it commenced its Indian operations in 1995. Certification is awarded as per the following PTR grades:
* International Master Professional * Master  Professional * Professional * Instructor * Associate Instructor.

Bobby Singh, Director Peninsula Tennis Academy is also the Director for PTR (USA) in India.

Bobby Singh with Dennis van der Meer, founder PTR
and Dan Santorum, CEO, PTR

Advantages of Becoming an PTR Member
Professional Certification and worldwide recognition - is the premier Certification in the  world for a tennis coach. Indian coaches are now an integral part of the worldwide PTR network and receive Certificates, Membership cards, Tennis Badges, Tennis Magazines, and a Worldwide Membership Handbook. They are also invited to attend the International Tennis Symposium and the $ 25,000 Tennis Championships held annually at Hilton Head, USA in Feb each year. 
To be considered for the “PTR India Coach of the Year” Award for 2013, please send us your list of achievement in coaching by 1 November 2013.

PTR President's Award
This award recognizes the oldest PTR India member. Capt. Sunny Jacob won the inaugural award in 1999 as he had been a member for over a decade. To apply for the award you must be a current member and must indicate on your application as to when you became a member of the PTR.  Last date for applications is 1 November  2013.

The Annual COSCO Scholarship Award

Mr N.K. Jain, MD COSCO (India) Ltd. presents PTR Award 

COSCO (India) Limited sponsors one Indian member to the annual International Symposium in USA. The roll of honour for the PTR - COSCO Scholarship Award as follows:

2000 -  Rupa Kaushik              2001 -  Vinod Kumar Dogra              2002 -  Hiteshwar Singh 
2003 -  P. Amirthalingam        
2004 -  Pramesh Modi

PTR India Coach of the Year Award
This prestigious award instituted in 1998 has been previously won by the following:

1998 - Akhtar Ali               1999 -  Enrico Piperno             2000 - B.R.Priyadarshi                  
2001 -  Pavan Patel           2003 -  Shrimal Bhatt               2004 -  Shobhika Bhadwar       
2005 -  T. S. Bhandari        2006 -  Pavan Murthy              2007 -  Jignesh Rawal     
2008 -  K S Maheshbalaji   2009 -  Capt Sunny Jacob        2010 - Sohini Kumari
2011 - Krishna Kumar        2012 - Dilip Mohanty                2013 - Subhan Khan   
2014 - Navdip Singh 

PTR President's Award

1999 -  Capt Sunny Jacob     2000 -  Maheshwar Kumbria         2001 -  Satyajeet Burman
2002 -  M. Krishna Kumar     2003 -  Shekhar Menon                2004 -  Sohini Kumari  
2005 -  Anup Lahoty             2006 -  Vishnu Char                     2007 -  Dilip Mohanty        
2008 -  Satya Prakash         2009 -  T. Soma Sekhar                2010 - P Amirthalingam
2011 - Sanjay Malik             2012 - Shobhika Badhwar              2013 - Gopal Singh
2014 - Pavan Murthy 

PTR Tester of the Year
This award gives recognition to the PTR India Tester for their valuable contribution to the PTR

-  T.S.Bhandari                      2000 -  R. Sharma                       2003 -  P. Patel          
2004 -  S. Bhatt                             2007 -  S. Bhatt                          2008 -  Jignesh Rawal
2010 - Shrimal Bhatt                      2011 - Jignesh Rawal                   2012 - Shrimal Bhatt
2013 - Shrimal Bhatt                      2014 - Jignesh Rawal
PTR Volunteer of the Year

1998 -  Syed Muneer Ahmed      2001 -  Mohd. Ashraf                   2002 -  Dilip Mohanty        
2003 -  Neeraj Kumar                 2004 -  Prithvi Shah                     2005 -  Sanjay Malik 
2006 -  Prakash John                 2007 -  Satya Prakash Gautam    2008 -  Naresh Sharma   
2009 -  Mohammed Javed           2010 - Tara Chand Sharma          2011 - Davinder Tokas
2012 - Reagon Rathore               2013 - Nadeem Ahmed               2014 - Antesh Singh 

PTR Junior Coach of the Year

2002 - Mohd. Arshad                    2003 - Sagar Singh                      2004 - Jeet Saini 
2005 - Om Prakash                      2006 - Niyaz Ali                          2007 - Antesh Singh   
2008 - Banarasi Das                     2009 - Hans Kumar                     2010 - Gopal Singh
2011 - Kamal Kishore                   2012 - Ajay Singh                        2014 - Rajesh 

PTR Open Mens Singles and Doubles (only for PTR members)
Venue: Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Hauz Khas, New Delhi

The PTR Open Championships were a great success with many participants vying for the title. Results as below:

PTR India Tennis Championships 2014 – Men’s Doubles
Runners Up: Gopal Singh and Ganish Kumar
Winner: Sagar Singh and Hans Kumar

PTR India Tennis Championships 2014 – Men’s Singles
Runners Up: Jagmohan
Winner: Gopal Singh

PTR Workshop conducted by International             Bobby Singh with tennis legend Roy Emerson 
Tester, Dr. Louie Cap

PTR Workshops

Tennis Teacher Workshop I  
 PTR Certification for new applicants only.
Tennis Teacher Workshop II   Advanced Coaching Techniques - emergency shots, serve &
                                               volley, angled volleys, tactical maneuvering, buggy whip and
                                               other strokes for advanced players. Each stroke is
                                               presented in a simple series of progressions easy to teach 

Tennis Teacher Workshop III
 Munchkin Tennis - fun games, drills, activities to introduce
                                               tennis to children.
Junior Coach Workshop         Certification workshop for markers/assistants.

                                               Will be graded as “Junior Coach”
Cardio Tennis Workshop        Heart Pumping Fitness is an exciting way of bringing new
                                               people to tennis
100+ Errors Detection 
and Corrections Workshop
    In depth analysis of one of the primary qualities of a good
                                               tennis coach 


Peninsula Tennis Academy
Ph: 011-24335705, 011-41550949